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Problems with Audioconverter in Windows 7

... before a few weeks:
I use the super horny TC-plugin "Audioconverter" and I am now a bit sad because for me it does not work in Windows 7. Like a madman I rummage on the internet, find many pages, which speaks about this problem, but none have a solution parad. Sad

... yesterday:
I now have the latest version of the Audioconverter (v99a2) installed, but I still continue to get the error message.
:: bass.dll could not be initialized

... today:
With the latest from the side "" downloaded DLLs (v2.4x), none of the required DLLs are found, probably because they do not have the required version. But the attempt was worth it. Sad

... my very last try:
Hm, ...maybe I have problems with Audioconverter simply because spaces in the name?

TC UP is installed with me in the path: "c:\Program Files\TC UP\".

"subst" could be the solution to this problem, to test whether it is up to the path contained spaces.

c:\>subst B: "c:\Program Files\TC UP\Plugins\WCX\Audioconverter”

Now in Audioconverter customize the settings for the paths to "B:\", then a final test ... and yes, you get the door not to works! Tongue


This is of course no final solution. In the future I will therefore pay more attention to the fact that no spaces, special characters or accents in my paths. Big Grin

Best regards from Germany
I still have an unsolved problem because I can call in Windows 7 no more videos or MP3s with Control + <Q>, as this is hanging in the shaft, nothing works! Whether that has anything to do with the installation of IE9?
Thanks for this info.
We have previously covered two audio converters for Windows, Free Audio .

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