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What is TC UP ini files structure?

I'm with TC UP for quite a long time, and I do have my own version of TC UP. The branch was started with 4.8 version, and I was merging my version and all new versions of TC UP quite successfully. But here's a problem that I have met with 5.3 version: I can't make information in title bar working. Everything meaning seems to be copied, but information is starting to show only if I run TC UP from ... TC UP:
[Image: df2497a89c2d26b1acc0a8029d628faf.png]

I have started to dig in all the ini files but soon I have realized that there are just too manу of them CONFIG folder:
[Image: 10931313c4af09b64489d50e08cb3d69.png]

Can anyone tell me how these file are used?
Emm... Here's the problem: info is shown only if I run TC UP from another TC UP. This situation was shown on the first shot: both of the TC UP instances are using same exe file. The bottom one (which is marked as 4.9 in the title bar) was launched with a desktop shortcut, the top one was run by pressing enter in the running TC UP.
We are almost on the same page =) I don't need to have 2 instances on TC UP. I just want to see the information in the title bar when I run TC UP with a desktop/quicklaunch shortcut, but there's no info, though everything seems to be copied and working correctly.

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