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TCUP New cannot create new folder on some locations
Hello to all!

I have discovered that TCUP new cannot create new folder on some favourite locations (by favourite I mean predefined locations like Desktop and such which you can access quickly by CTRL + D). For example, when I got to Desktop (by CTRL + D) and try to create new folder I get an error message: "Cannot create directory \\Desktop\jovo\2". I imagine the problem will occur on every 'relative' path like the above (starting with \\)
When I try to create directory by normal New folder command (by SHIFT + F7) I can do so without trouble.
I'm using TCUP 5.3.

Any ideas how to fix this, or it is a bug which can only be fixed on some other way?

Thanks a lot!
Thanks for quick reply!
(01-04-2011, 10:40 AM)miketyson986 Wrote: Thanks for starting useful discussion.

Any updates on this issue? F7 doesn't create a new folder on an FTP site as the older version did.

(04-08-2011, 06:58 PM)Pawel Wrote: The newest TCUP New should do this correctly...
Do you use the newest version?

I'm using v. 5.0. I'll try the latest version today.

Mam pytanie
Dlaczego w TCUP menu kontekstowe nie wyswietla tych samych elementow co w windowsowskim exploratorze? Czy mozna to jakos ustawic co ma byc wyswietlane?

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