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TCUP problems/questions
I have some issues after having installed the newest TCUP on WIndows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

1) For example...F4 (Open file with...) doesnt work.
The command in the configuration settings is:
"%COMMANDER_PATH%\Plugins\Tools\OpenFileTC\OpenFileTC.exe" "/I=%OpenFileTC_Path%\F4.ini"

it does show a window to pick an application form but whatever program i pick it doesnt work. I see the mouse pointer change for a second but the file doesnt get opened. However the process OpenFileTC.exe keeps running and isn't closed and releasing memory and also the associated application is being run without showing its window with the file its supposed to open!

2) When i use F3 some kind of viewer which belongs to the TCUP installation opens up. Several things I don't like about it. I was wondering if that can be changed somehow. It ALWAYS opens up with a fully maximized window..i hate that, can i somehow change that behavior and make it remember a custom window setting. (The same question goes for the Total Commander window itself). Next how can I change the default behavior of viewing files? I would like to view files in unicode mode instead of text mode which is default now and causes lots of "errors"when viewing files. Also i would like normal keys like page up/down and home/end to function in the this possible? Without all this functionality I experience the viewer as rather annoying atm.

Thanks a lot for any answers/solutions.

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