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TC UP's NTFS "Take Ownership menu item
On the main menu bar "header bar" There is the "NTFS" dropdown menu, Has the "permissions dialoge" "take Ownership" and so on.
Anyways, I use that thing faithfully on XP. I am now doing more and more work on Windows 7 computers and even use a stripped version of win7 PE for repairing computers.
My problem is it wont run in windows 7. I cant even find where this came from on the internet, so is it possible to contact the person who wrote that little goodie to see if we can get this to work under windows 7?

I get this long message that states "windows cannot take ownership as requested because a component of the software you are using that is required to perform that function is not compatible with any version of windows released after windows server 2003"
I would even pay to have the feature work in ondows 7 as this I use about 10 times a day!!
I fix alot of computers here! LOL
For this feature TC uses Windows functionality which (unfortunately) was dropped by Microsoft in Vista (and so on).

You can find more information here:
[Image: dc85x15_philkc_fade22lr.png]

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