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When will be TCUP 4.9?
Hmm, as first, i think its not good way to stop with releasing updates, but anyhow everybody have to accept that.

In case of limited 100mb, before i start using TCUP, i install many of program software ~ 1gb and maybe more, everybody should understand the size of TCUP, and i think more of them agree with me.

Of course, in many forums i saw reactions regarding the size, that s too big... but nobody says that is no neccesary to install many of other programs.

Then i think u will not release the update this month, but i trust that its not permanent finish!!!!
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I'll have to partly agree with both sides.

The TCUP installation options can be overwhelming, simply because of the huge amount of options. However, since they're optional, I can't image anyone installing the complete package. Personally, I know exactly what tools and plugins to tick/untick. Afterwards, I usually add one or two and do make basic conf changes, so for me it's not just about the tools and plugins. Most users will be power users anyway ("normal" users will stick with explorer), so I can't see any real danger there.

I love the integration with the Windows OS, and the recently added file association layer is pretty neat as well. And the file/folder creation TCNew of course... Would be great to see some new minor releases, even though it's pretty awesome as it is already (you're almost at the 5.0 release! Smile).

Well, whatever you may decide: many thanks for all the efforts during the last couple of years. I can hardly imagine TC without the UP anymore!
One more item,

I think, to stop with releasing of updates could be also loss of funs, because applications will be not up to date. Anyhow u will keep the target of 100mb, which is accepted to funs, u will loss many peoples because of this.

Maybe, they will start using basic updated version of TC + few plugins + standalone updated applications as opera, km player, aimp, xnview and others.

Sorry but its not critic to you, its just my opinion to tcup.
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SadHello, I think, You have a new release, because some funtions of tcup 4.8 not work with windows 7 ultimate of 64 bits, for example the creation directory, when push key F7.
Looks like Total Commander 7.50 has some bugs, that's why v7.50a final is out.
Many thanx! This i wanted to hear, because ...

no update = not actual software = not compatibility with new system = end of TC UP project for many users...

because only actual software is good solution for everybody...

thanx pawel
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