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Favorite folders/catalogs
First of all, hello everyone and thank you for very good file manager.

I have incredibly large folder tree. While I'm working I only use actually 3 directories but they are so nested that my finger hurts from clicking.

Is there a way to create some shortcuts on navbar or inside some menu and navigate through folders?


There are many ways to achieve your goal:

1. buttons - just drag and drop your favourite folders onto button bar (one by one). Clicking on them will take you to proper directory.

2. Start menu entries - click on Start -> Change Start menu . You can add your folders as new items here writing for each one of them cd <folder> (where <folder> is valid path).

3. Directory hotlist (Ctrl_D) menu - meant for storing favourite directories.

4. tabs set - open your favourite folders in separate tabs. Now you can lock them or save your set to some file (or both ways). If you decide to save it, add new button to your buttons bar with command OPENTABS <filename> (where <filename> is the name of saved tabs file).

There may be few more methods but those from above are the best ones IMHO (especially #3).
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Thanks a lot. Smile

I just figured out and did #2 but #3 is a lot better if I would be able to create submenus just like in Start. Thanks again.
orglee Wrote:#3 is a lot better if I would be able to create submenus just like in Start.
There is "Add submenu" button under Configure Smile
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