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Ext2 + Reiser Filesystem v1.50
Ext2 + Reiser v1.5

Version 1.5 can read EXT2/EXT3 partitions with 256 byte inode size.
Version 1.4 adds UTF-8 support, see readme.txt.

Plugin to open Ext2 and Reiser file systems on your own machine! This is useful when you have Linux installed on the same machine (multi-boot) and want to access your files. For security reasons, this plugin is read-only. It combines two open source projects to access Ext2 partitions and Reiser partitions. This plugin is Open-Source (GPL).

It's already in TC UP so... what is that call for?
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(03-24-2009, 11:47 AM)fenixproductions Wrote: 2LordGarfio
It's already in TC UP so... what is that call for?

Ext2 + Reiser Filesystem v1.50 is not included in TCUP v4.7...

You're right it's not in 4.7!

I don't know what happened but this plugin's configuration data exists in wincmd.ini file. Thank you for finding such bug Smile
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Something to be cleared.

Yesterday each try (direct unpacking or installing on different locations) gave same results: no plugin.

Today it is working correctly. Ext2fs is available.

I don't know what happened but maybe it's antivirus related thing?
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A wypalania płyt w 7.5 nie będzie, ponieważ nowa wersja FoxBurner SDK, na którą Ghisler czekał nadal nie została wydana.

Ta funkcja zapewne zostanie dodana później.
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