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How to associate a program with a given extension?
(03-14-2009, 01:37 PM)str8 Wrote:
'm^2 Wrote:You can get it from here.
Thank you very much for this link! I added this plugin to the XnView "Plugins" folder but I still get the error message "format could not be determined". Moreover this error message appears even when I try to view *pdf files. Both types are included in "supported formats" when I check. Do you know where the problem might be?
Thank you in advance for your help.

For pdf you need Ghostscript installed. And it doesn't work well, but see yourself.

Djvu indeed seems to be broken. XnView recognizes the plugin, but then it doesn't work. And Djvu plugin isn't included in the full XNView bundle.
I think that you should ask it's authors what's up.
[Image: pcbsdec7.jpg]
i also have the aimp database error msg and my understanding is that update install does not fix that

i assume the same for the association problem

will do a fresh install then tho i shall save the ini files

thanks m^2
tcup is a work of art!
i am awed

kudos to all the authors
Thank you m^2 for all your explanations and time.

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