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MD5 checksum
Hello Ultima!

Can you please post the MD5 checksum info for the latest TCUP 4.6 installation file? I was not able to download it from the link provided on your website so I found it on some forum and I want to make sure that it matches the original one.

Thank you in advance.
67a3360f68885dbe958b7fd38c108990 *tcup46.exe
[Image: dc85x15_philkc_fade22lr.png]
Could you tell us what's the problem with our download?
It's definitely something we should fix.
[Image: pcbsdec7.jpg]

And thank you for the quick response Smile It matched !

I really don't know what the problem was with rapidshare but in 4 hours I was not able to finish my download. My regular internet speed is 1Mb/sec - about 105 KB/sec. I'm not a premium rapidshare user but this was the first time the connection was so bad. As a matter of fact the TCUP installation file that I have downloaded later was on rapidshare also but the connection speed was regular for non-premium rapidshare user.
So this could be just me who experienced this.

Thanks again guys.

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