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Remote Desktop: ShowMyPc
Windows' default remote desktop controller is very tricky. It offers plenty of troubles among different computer configurations.

TC Up might have its own independent remote desktop solution that would work right everywhere.

Maybe ShowMyPc would be a good choice:
- Works everywhere I tried at
- Easy
- One .EXE 1.2 megabytes long with no Setups nor Installs
- Free

Kind regards
TC UP > Menu > Tools > TightVNC
can you tell me more how to use that TightVNC,
I can't see in the help
First important thing is to know server's machine public IP address (you can check it on website)..

1. on host machine you need to run server and set login / password for anyone who want to join,
2. you also need to specify connection parameters (permissions, etc.),
3. you need to give the client your IP address, login and password in order to connect successfully,
4. client has to run "Viewer" application and type in all provided details,
That is all. Following these steps everything should be OK.

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