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Please remove applications from TCUP
fenixproductions Wrote:
cerati88 Wrote:1. The calculator should be SpeedCrunch
IIRC portableapps are "NO-NO" for Ultima (strange loaders, unclear licencing).

cerati88 Wrote:2. TCUP's setup file is getting bigger each time.
Ultima tries his best to make it grow slower.

cerati88 Wrote:3. Instead of AIMP and TheKMPlayer, it should be Winamp, VLC media player or K-Lite Mega Pack of Codecs (with Media Player Classic)
Please, remember about few things:
1. portability - TC UP is meant to be portable, none of codec packs can be included this way (and I remember some legality issues with K-Lite),
2. copyrights - for each software Ultima tries to get legal agreement. If it's not possible then there will be no application. The second issue with this is GPL. UP would have to open the source of his project for being able to provide software based on such licence..and he doesn't have i.e. Total Commander's sources, so this is just impossible.
Really, every time he includes a GPLed thing is because it's authors decided to relicense it for us with exception. And the authors rarely want to do so...
3. "the best" issue - every user has his best apps, Ultima too. If he's not willing to get something, he will not do that. If there are more cons over pros - he will not add it.

And Winamp comes truly against second and third paragraphs, that's all.

Quite frankly, TC UP is a great application it makes a lot of things simpler; it's almost perfect. I just made a few suggestions if possible, but even without the apps TC UP is awesome!

Moved the comment out of the quote, moderator m^2

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