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Please remove applications from TCUP
fenixproductions Wrote:Of course, it could be nice to see the light version but it would not be TC UP anymore. Like Firefox with extensions ripped out.

No, no like Firefox without extensions. That's not good compare cause extensions are plugins and extensions can't work without Firefox. TCUP without apps is like Firefox without (standalone) apps like external download managers like GetRight and so on. Plugins not equal to Apps.

TCUP without apps is much powerful and more customizable compared to standard TC.

I like plugin choice of TCUP and this is probably best TC pack, but I just mean Lite version for smaller download, without standalone apps. That will be good if someone don't wish all apps to download (not plugins). All Plugins should be in Lite version...

Ok that was just idea. If You don't wish lite version, it is not so important to me cause I have fast download. But for someone download is still 128k even 64k believe me or not Smile

fenixproductions Wrote:Strangely to write but I don't use TC UP, really. I'd built my own pack so long ago that I've never wanted to switch to different set.

I'd like to see Your custom version of TC Smile I think it is something what I wish Wink

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