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Please remove applications from TCUP
scud Wrote:I will say that again. I wish to help to this project to be better, not to attack...Wink

Scud, u re on wrong way to write here. U dont understand this project. This is not only file browser. U can download only standalone total commander without any addons. Ultima prime offer to user much more. As fenix said. I installed windows, antivir and few other application and ultima prime is ready to give me all functions which i need for all work. I am advanced user, i used many programs, soft and OS. Programs which UP team chosen are the best of the best from freeware portable cathegory. If u dont want some program, during installation u can leave it. If u dont want TC UP please use speed commander or basic TC.
Your post is unreliable and doesnt make sense to me.

Use it or hate it Smile
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