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Please remove applications from TCUP
scud Wrote:Cause all that application we use outside TC and it is not necessary to include that apps to bloat TCUP. Size of TCUP really grow too much. 100 MB for file browser???

TC UP has other goals to achieve. The main purpose of this project is to deliver to the users one pack to install after operating system.

Ultima meant to see something like:
1. Install your Windows
2. install firewall / antivirus / patches
3. install TC UP
4. you're done - no need for anything else.

TC UP differs from other packs (like Total Commander Power Pack because of that.

scud Wrote:Why to spend 1 hour for removing apps to make TCUP small on size???

This is the price of not paying attention to installers. TC UP has the possibility to un-check almost every application during installation procedure for a long time (the newest version also allows to remove language files).

If you don't need some software just don't install it.

scud Wrote:People don't need apps on two places. On folders in hard and in TCUP. So please take this post as very serious. I think good idea is to leave apps as editors, some viewers etc, but not big standalone apps.

Perhaps some people don't need it but please remember that many people want to have portable applications. I really doubt they store them in Program Files. Do you really have avery piece of software there? If not then you're denying yourself.

scud Wrote:Anyway, that calculator from TCUP is very very bad. Much better is SpeedCrunch .

Doesn't seem to be portable and after all GPL licenced software is the thorn in Ultima's side. Please post suggestions in separate threads.

scud Wrote:Suggestion or maybe idea for end of this post is to make 2 versions of TCUP. 1st version to be TCUP FULL like it is now, and new TCUP LITE version which don't have custom big apps inside, small on size and fast (with all plugins without apps). Why not? It is easy to do... I can even help in that if You wish, cause I make TCUP small every time after installation of new version...

It sounds reasonable but I don't really know how would it be. AFAIK Ultima doesn't want to replace mentioned TCPP (even if it's quite old) but rather have something different.
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