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clip2net is freeware program, that is hell fast for hosting your screenShots. It would be really nice to have it in TC UP
I don't think it's a good idea to add such tool.
In most of the cases I am trying to include applications which extend already existing functionalities or make users' life easier.
Ex. everyone have some messaging account (both: for e-mail or protocols like ICQ) so adding Miranda IM or si.Mail is neat idea. You are installing application because you want to simplify the things you usually do. This is the proper way in my humble opinion.

clip2net requires additional accounts creation because it is tool for specific online service. This is the opposite way. If it supports FTP or imageshack (at least) I might consider it but as long as it doesn't I will be against.

Your post gave us an idea to add Send Screenshot Miranda's plugin.
I've got your point. I can only add that screen shots in posts helps a lot in many cases, but as soon as there's no really easy way to do add them, many people are trying to explain everything with words.

About new plugin: I use my own custom Miranda with minimum amount of plugins:


It's very light and there's nothing unnecessary in it. Some day I will try once again to understand all the settings of TC UP Miranda, this plugin can be nice reason to do it.
Following Miranda related discussion split to this thread.
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