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Some 'F' functions slow
Why is it that the new 'tricked out' F7 key for creating a new directory takes a while when with the regular TC it was pretty much instant? I like the options that the TCUP gives me when creating a new directory but just not used to it being as slow as it is. And saying slow, it isn't rediculous but again, not what it is with regular TC. How can I speed this up and still have the TCUP functionality and if there is no option for that, I do I set that part back to the behavior or standard TC?

Thanks much for the input!
Switch off TCUPNew skin handling (in it's options) and compare the speed.

If you are still not happy than:
1. go to Configuration -> Misc
2. choose F7 key
3. write "cm_MkDir" (without quotes) as a command
4. click on button with green assign icon
[Image: dc85x15_philkc_fade22lr.png]
New files/folders creating is too slow
For the likes of me I cannot seem to find the 'options' as related to TCUP. Where is it and then once in, where do I go?

I would like to change that skin option first before turning it off completely. I am wondering though, if I turn off that skin option, what else will be affected?

There is a lot of stuff in the menus!

Thanks again for the great info!
Just hit F7.

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[Image: dc85x15_philkc_fade22lr.png]
That did the trick.

There are all kinds of hidden and neat little things in here, just got to get adjusted.

Thanks again!

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