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Hi everyone.
I'm the guy who made the "dalton3 toolbar icon set".
Hope some of you enjoyed.

Now I've made for the first time, the coolest possible lister dark colors pack.
I've tried in the past, with no success.
Now, i've given it a kind of logic (whatever logic you might have assigning colors to file extensions)

by dalton3

To create a pack of dark colors for the listers in TC UP that are easy to see and understand,
that doesn't annoy, nice to see, and useful because it groups same kind of filetypes under
same logic of colors.

Colors by groups:
-Yellow:      Container. Its already used for packed files by default.
    Light:      For directories. It is the color of the Windows folder icon.
    Dark:      For packed files (.ZIP .RAR etc)
-Orange:      Audio. It is the color of WinAmp and AIMP icons.
    Saturated:  For Hi-Res Audio (.DSF)
    Med Sat:    For Lossless CD-Quality Audio (.FLAC .APE)
    Low Sat:    For Lossy compressed, and less quality audio (.MP3 .OGG)
    Lighter:    For audio projects (.MOD .S3M .MID .RPP .CWP)
-Light Blue:  Images. It is the color of Photoshop and Affinity Photo icons (.BMP .JPG .TIFF .GIF)
    Lighter:    Image Project (.PSD .AFPHOTO)
-Blue:        For Videos. Similar to moving images (.AVI .MKV .MPG)
-Red:          Danger! Executables and code binaries (.EXE .DLL .COM .BAT)
-Purple:      For web links/files. Like a visited link y most browsers.
    Light&Sat:  Recently modified file. It's similar to TC UP default
-Green:        For text and documents (.TXT .PDF .RTF .DOC). No reason for this color, the only one left.
-Light Gray:  Non assigned file extension.
-Dark Gray:    Hidden Files

c:\Program Files (x86)\TC UP\MULTI\Config\Colors\Colors.ini

A lot of work has been made.
A lot of new extensions have been added. Others were revised due to this colors grouping logic.

I'm attaching the "Colors.ini" file, as well as some screen captures.
Hope you enjoy!
Hope you include it in future versions of TC UP ;-)
Thanks for TC UP!

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.zip (Size: 1.65 KB / Downloads: 0)
Sorry people. There was a Mistake.
I've developed these colors when Light Mode was active. So it was so confusing.
Now, I've corrected and it's all ok:
- Both Light and Dark modes work OK. But in this pack, listers and file associations remains the same
- Some colors refined to follow the "logic" of color grouping
- New group added: *.BAK type of files
- Lots of new file extensions added for 3d and music software.

I'm attaching both light and dark mode captures, and the colors.ini file itself

Hope you enjoy!
Hope TC UP Team add this pack to the list ;-)
Thanks again for TC UP!

2021 08 07  New Colors+++. Minor updates. Updated the file itselt, and the screenshots.

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.zip (Size: 1.74 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks dalton3!
Foto Video -

Foto Video -

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