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Customazing Title Bar
Hi all

There is an error since some versions. Tried with the actual V8 it's also present.
If the display is changed this will not be applied.

I can't change this behavior. Only by changing the ini-File itself.

Martin, could You write exactly what's going on?
Not everyone reads Your mind and knows what You mean.

It's best if You can attach a picture of the problem and describe the problem EXACTLY
Foto Video -

Foto Video -
He probably thinks TC Title Bar in TC UP Turbo (InfoText in TCUP.ini).
The changes will not take effect.
You need to restart TC UP
Nothing will happen.
After restarting, the setting is the original again.
Each time TC UP Turbo is opened, there is a default value in the form.
It's not the one I saved before.
Thank you for info. However, I can not replicate the issue.
Could you please make a short video that describe the problem.
Or could you describe the problem with all details - what is not working. Step by step.

I can not fix this as I have no idea what are you talking about!
I really want to help, but I need more data...
You can use Captura to record the movie.

TC UP > Menu > Programs > Captura
Foto Video -

Foto Video -
Fixed an issue with TC UP Turbo application.
Each time application was opened it set incorrect (default) TC TitleBar Text.
Now it loads it from TC UP.ini configuration file.
@Chodec Thank you for your report!
@data.enterprise I hope it was the issue you were tring to report.

This version should work (use proper file for TC UP version you use - 32 or 64 bit).

Hi all

Sorry for the latancy.

I've tested to customize the "TC Title Bar". After a restart of TC the new information will be shown as expected.

best regards

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