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TC UP New - Failed to run application
Hello friends,

thank you so much for your work and the new version of TC UP

There is just one problem when trying to make a new directory etc.
"TC UP New - Failed to run application"    
See picture ...

greetings trebor999

Hi Pawel,

it only happens when I press F7.
Sorry, didn't try it with the buttons in the bar.
Forgot about that Rolleyes

Left, right, top - no problem.
Only when I press F7 and then all the time,
doesn't matter on what level of directories I try
or what is marked under the cursor.

(01-02-2020, 07:19 PM)Pawel Wrote: Ups!
Thanks for report...
Could you please write more info? Is this happen all the time or just once.
Are you using New called from main button bar or from left or right button bars?

What directory name you are going to create? In what directory... etc...
If I have more info I can maybe eliminate the problem.

Yes, that's it.

Really, thanks a lot for TCUP!

Big Grin
Fixed version is now available for download

Thank you trebor999 for your info.

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