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mounting iso images as virtual a cd/dvd
usuario_habitual Wrote:Hello everybody,
It would be very interesting to have a plugin incorporated that could mount iso/nrg/img etc.. images as cd/dvd virtual devices. Daemon tools is par example an alone program that do this things.

It should be already possible.

Go to the Network Neighborhood and choose Virtual Disks. Now you can "copy" needed CD image into it. Right click on file and choose "Properties" option.

Now you can choose drive letter, mount type (HDD, FDD, CD/DVD) and perform mounting.

It works only under Windows 2000 and Windows XP/2003 32/64-bit.

If it is not working, go to:
<TCUP path>\PLUGINS\wfx\VirtualDisk\VD_Driver\
right click on "vd_filedisk.inf" file and select "Install" option.

In 64-bit Windows versions all the operations described above on installing the driver must be performed only from Windows Explorer!

usuario_habitual Wrote:On the other hand I would like to know how could I put the green arrow at removable drives units icons as total commader 7.02a does by itself wen is running alone.

If you'd like to see original TC's icons:
1. open wincmd.ini
2. find [Configuration] section
3. Delete or comment out (by placing ";" character) following line:

PS. You can always try to use one of the drives icons libraries listed here:

PS2. You can also open drives.dll file in XnResEditor and edit "DISKREMOVE" item.
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