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I would like to know why is it now required to have "Show tab header also when there is only one tab" option enabled for TC UP New to even work? I don't like this since I don't want to see any tabs if I'm not actually using them...

It used to be fine before... I just updated from TC UP 5.6 to TC UP 7.2 and found this limitation (as I see it, it's a limitation).

Can I get some response, please? Thanks! Smile
(04-23-2017, 03:02 PM)EvilDragon Wrote: Can I get some response, please? Thanks! Smile

Yes, indeed. This is because there was plenty of problems with that option disabled. It may change in future (The future is uncertain - only ULTIMA PRIME knows what is gonna happen with TC UP).
TC UP New is an external program, written by me (but I work on another project now). It depends on TC (each change in TC interface causes problems - some of them are not properly handled. It is because of not enough time and patient Smile
It was much easier to just force to enable it.

You have to deal with it and wait for new version...

Aww... but I noticed absolutely NO issues with that option disabled back in TCUP 5.6 :/

It wastes vertical space for no good reason having single tabs visible enabled... Not to mention there's visual redundancy of showing the full path and the last folder of the path directly above on the tab... It's just not cool Sad
This is great news! Thank you Smile

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