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TCUPNEW Creating Dirs allways in root
Hi there

Since one Day TCUPNEW (V5.0.1200) creates Directorys allways in Root-Dir.

For Example I'am in c:\temp.
F7 brings up TCUPNEW. Want to create a DIR named 'test'.
The new DIR will be created as c:\test but should be c:\temp\test.

Happens so in 32and 64 bit Version.

Any Ideas?
Thanks for your report. Yes, it is known issue (it is because, TC UP New "lost connection" with TC - so it uses "C:\" as parent dir).
The next TC UP version will fix it (hopefully) with updated TC UP New 6.0.

For now, you have to be sure that you work in TC UP Mode (go to Settings->Other and select the following option: "Display text with an image for chosen mode". This will show a short description at bottom left part of TC UP New... If you see that it says Windows Explorer Mode -> it will fail to create directory (or create it in C:\)...

Edit: Please test this version:
It should fix your issue.

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