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Lister plugins (WLX)
Below you can find a list of all Total Commander lister plugins used internally by current TC UP edition.

3D File viewer

Shows different 3d file formats (3DS,LWO,DXF,STL,OBJ,DAT,AC,PLY,PFZ).

Supported file formats: 3DS (3d Studio), LWO (Lightwave), DXF (Autocad), STL (stereolithography), OBJ (Wavefront), DAT (Ldraw lego ), AC3D (, PLY (Polygon File Format), PFZ.

Author: Antonio Cortes Carrillo
Licence: donateware


Shows variable information about archives: size, number of files, folders, size of dictionary, compression method, ration, comments, etc..

Support archives: ACE, ARC (PAK), ARJ, BH (Blak Hole), BZIP2 (TAR BZIP2), CAB, CPIO, DWC, GZIP (TAR GZIP), HA, LHA (LZH), PPM, RAR, SQZ, TAR, Z, ZIP (JAR - Java ARhiver), ZOO.

Author: Hudyakov Aleksey aka Parcan
Licence: Freeware (non-commercial use)

DVI Simple Viewer

This plugin displays device independent TEX output in the lister window.

Author: Thomas Beutlich
Licence: Freeware

FileInfo (Version Information Viewer)

Allows to view additional information for executable files.

Supported data:
- version, header and symbol information for MZ, NE, LE, LX and PE format (programs, DLLs,...),
- dump of LIB, OBJ, EXP files,
- shows DLL dependencies and typelib information for PE files.

Author: François Gannier
Licence: Freeware


Source code viewer with highlighting and editing features.

Author: Attila Gerendi
Licence: Freeware


Shows icons in files (ico, icl, exe, dll, scr, ocx, bpl, wlx, wfx, wcx, wdx, cpl, acm).

- extract one or all icons,
- renaming icons in libraries,
- adding icons to libraries,
- rearranging icons in libraries dragging by mouse.

Author: Progman13
Licence: donationware / Free for non-commercial use


This plugin uses MS WebBrowser control to view files (automatically supports all formats which Internet Explorer does).
Allows to view native IE types like HTML/XML, many MS Office file types (MS Office installed), PDF (AcrobatReader installed), all the formats Quick View Plus supports (QVP installed), and so on.

Author: Rk / Konstantin Vlasov, Yuri Gershanov
Licence: Freeware


Image / animation viewer plugin.

- views image / animation files with the fastest speed,
- numerous image formats supported,
- shows information of image (including EXIF) / animation files,
- shows transparency ,
- extracts a frames from animation file,
- exports Animation file (Animated GIF file/AVI/Flic/Pro Motion Animation),
- allows to manipulate images (Flip,Grayscale,Negative,Change colour depth,Swap colours,Rotate,Resize,Effect filter,Edit palette,Transparency set, etc.),
- multilingual and Unicode support,

Author: Chun Sejin
Licence: Donationware


Allows to view MD2 model files for all games based on the Quake2 engine.

Author: Sergey Turko
Licence: Freeware


Allows to view MDL model files for all games based on the Half-Life engine (i.e. Conterstrike, Day of Defeat).

Author: Jonas Bähr
Licence: Freeware

Mmedia (Multimedia Player and Id3tag Viewer)

Shows media files information and allows to preview them. Supports all file types which Windows media Player does.

Author: François Gannier
Licence: Freeware


Allows to view NFO text files.

Author: MovieZ
Licence: Freeware (?)


This plugin is intended for viewing Microsoft Office files (MS Word, Excel, Write).

Author: Yuri Gershanov
Licence: Freeware


The (PDF)filter plugin allows converting arbitrary file from one format to text, picture (BMP or GIF), and HTML, via appropriate converter and display it within the TC's Lister.

Author: Vladimir L. Olovyannikov
Licence: Freeware


Plugin for viewing SMI files (archived SMS) directly from mobile phone or from HDD.

Author: ?
Licence: ?


Allows to list the contents of Torrent files (including name, date, size and contained files).

Author: Christian Tiberg
Licence: Freeware


This plugin is used for viewing TTF (TrueType Font) and OTF (OpenType Fonts) files.

Author: Alexey Pankratiev aka Murashka
Licence: Freeware


VisualDirSize provides graphical overview of the files/folders in a selected directory.

Author: Karol Zoladek
Licence: Freeware

Wise Tracker

This plugin allows to play tracker files under lister.
Supported file formats: MOD, MDZ, NST, STM, STZ, S3M, S3Z, IT, ITZ, XM, XMZ, MTM, ULT, 669, FAR, AMF, OKT, PTM and MO3.

Author: Igor Stepanov
Licence: Freeware


xBaseView is a plugin for databases operations support.

Handled file extensions and database types: BDE (Borland DB Engine Aliases), CDS (Borland Client Data Set), CSV (CSV Text), DB (Paradox), DBC (Visual FoxPro), DBF (Clipper), DBF (dBase), DBF (FoxPro), DSN (ODBC Data Source Name), FDB (Firebird), GDB (Interbase), HTM (HTML Text), HTML (HTML Text), MDB (Access), MDF (MS SQL Server), MYD (MySQL), SDB (SQLite Database), TAB (TAB Text), UDL (ADO Universal Data Link), XLS (Excel), XML (Borland Data Packet XML), XML (Microsoft ADO XML).

Author: Evgeniy Savich (Mutex LLC.)
Licence: 30 days trial
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Well written Post bout the Lister Plugins. I enjoyed reading every words in it. Thank you for the good and interesting post. Keep on writing. This forum is really an informative forum where we can gain good knowledge.

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