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Filesystem plugins (WFX)
Below you can find a list of all Total Commander filesystem plugins used internally by current TC UP edition.


This plugin shows running processes information.

- possibility to change of process priority,
- information about loaded modules used by process,
- injecting modules to the chosen process,
- information on threads started by these process,
- opportunity of suspend / resume / terminate threads,
- information about events/files/registry keys/drivers/etc. opened by process,
- graphic displays of statistics of ran process (real-time and history modes).

Author: Alexey U. Smirnov (Ace)
Licence: Freeware


Allows to recover files from bad CDs / DVD disks (also from HDD).

Author: Hramov Eugene aka Hram
Licence: Freeware

Control Panel

Simple plugin that shows Windows Control Panel in Total Commander. Allows to browse Control Panel applets from TC panel, execute them and view applet's information.

Author: Sergey Kostyuk
Licence: Freeware

Device Manager

Gives the possibility to view all installed devices information.

- displays ABSOLUTE ALL devices installed in system,
- allows to see device properties pressing ENTER,
- allows to create a set of drivers for already installed devices (F5),
- gives possibility to delete devices,
- calls Device Problem Wizard by pressing Alt+Enter,
- displays brief information about device by pressing F3.

Author: Ryabinin Alexey
Licence: Freeware

Events NT

Shows list of system events giving the possibility to view its details.

Author: Sergey Kostyuk
Licence: Freeware

ex2fs plugin

Allows to access Linux ext2 and ReiserFS partitions from Windows.

Authors: Christian Ghisler, Sergej Puljajev aka Gorbush
Licence: Freeware


This plugin allows to browse clipboard data as files. It can be useful for making screenshots.

Author: Dmitry Malutin
Licence: Freeware


Shows active network connections. Works like "net stat" Windows command.

Author: Andrey Styopin
Licence: Freeware

HTTP SmartBrowserPlugin

Gives the possibility to use HTTP services which implies downloading of all kinds of files which are linked from websites.

- HTTP Authentication (authenticated proxy support and password encryption),
- input wizard (helps to enter proxy settings),
- history and bookmarks import / export from Internet Explorer favorites,
- multi-language support,
- resuming of downloads,
- search / compare capabilities.

Author: Andre Martin
Licence: Freeware


This plugins makes working with mail accounts (POP3/SMTP) possible.

Implemented features:
- viewing messages information in the user columns,
- messages delivery with and without removing from the server,
- viewing size of a mail box without uploading messages,
- all messages are kept in *.eml format,
- message viewer,
- message editor / sender.

Author: Pavel Dubrovsky
Licence: Freeware


Allows to browse Miranda's profile databases like a file system.

You can operate multiple profiles, view / save history, delete contacts and single messages, copy and move contacts between profiles, view contact's info and compress database files.

Author: Alex Skalozub
Licence: Freeware

Motorola P2K

This plugin allows to work with the files system of Motorola Phone (P2K).
Gives the possibility to: download files from the phone, upload files to the phone, delete files from the phone, change file attributes.

Author: Bezols
Licence: Freeware (?)


Gives NTFS file system handling possibilities for Windows 9x operating systems.

Author: Alexey Babenko
Licence: Freeware (?)


Shows current (logged in) user's privileges.

Author: LittleLuffi
Licence: Freeware


The plugin can be used to copy or move of the large files and directories through RAM memory (which is often faster than the traditional method for resources on the same disc).

Author: Summer
Licence: Freeware


Allows the user to work with system registry using Total Commander application.

- browse through system registry,
- remote registry connection,
- create, delete, rename and modify keys and values,
- view selected keys,
- export keys and values into .reg file,
- permission edit dialog,
- shows last modified date on keys.

Author: Vitaly Knyazev
Licence: Freeware

SecureFTP (SFTP)

Makes possible to connect to FTP servers via SFTP / SSH.

Author: Martin Kanich
Licence: Freeware


This plugin allows to manage system services in Total Commander's panel.

- list of services registered in the system,
- enhanced control state of service function,
- deleting of services from the system,
- editing of the services properties,
- allows running Windows applications as services.

Author: Serge Kandakov
Licence: Freeware

Startup Guard

Shows files executed on Windows start-up.
Alows to: disable, enable and delete selected start-up applications. Gives information about start-up software.

Author: Sergey Puljajev
Licence: Freeware


Makes burning CDs and DVDs easy possible via Total Commander's Network Neighborhood.

- burn CDs and DVDs directly from TC directory structure,
- burn the types of projects: Data CDs/DVDs, Video DVDs, Audio CDs, ISO/CUE Images,
- burn the types of media: CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM,
- verify Data and VideoDVD projects after burning,
- erase rewritable media (Fast and Complete modes),
- display information about available burning devices and inserted media.

Author: Frank Zavelberg
Licence: Freeware (for private use only)


Runs system console inside Total Commander's window.

Author: MGP Software Ltd.
Licence: Freeware


Enhanced plugin for uninstalling different software (similar to Control Panel - "Add\Remove program").

- show all records for uninstall program (hidden also),
- allow to uninstall program,
- view all properties of record,
- delete incorrect links,
- edit record's properties.

Author: Skarednyi Igor
Licence: Freeware

Virtual Disk

This plugin allows to mount disk images as additional drives.

- three working modes: HDD (emulation of local hard disk drive formatted in FAT or NTFS system), FDD (emulation of floppy drive) and CD / DVD (CD-drive emulation for ISO, BIN and NRG images),
- "Read only" modifier that allows to disable modifying of the mounted image.

Author: Konstantin Vlasov
Licence: Freeware


Plugin for working with file systems of Siemens x55, x60, x65, x70, x75 series mobile phones.

Author: VNavigator
Licence: Freeware
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