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Content plugins (WDX)
Below you can find a list of all Total Commander content plugins used internally by current TC UP edition.


Allows to see how much time has passed since last file's creation, modification or opening process. Makes resources searching easier when its age is roughly known.

Author: Lefteous
Licence: Freeware


DateNames provides the names of months and days of week of file dates (creation, write and access).

Author: Lefteous
Licence: Freeware


DirSizeCalc displays size, subdirectories and files count of a directory. All calculations are processed in background.

Author: Lefteous
Licence: Freeware

Exif plugin

This plugin extracts EXIF data from JPG files. Allows to view additional images information in custom columns or search for the files with known EXIF information (i.e. Camera name).

Author: Mp-Crypt
Licence: Freeware (?)


This plugin displays various information for files. Provides useful fields for grouping. search and filtering.

Author: MGP Software Ltd.
Licence: Freeware

Image Info

Allows to view additional images information like: width, height, bits-per-pixel, pixel format, compression, etc..

Author: WhiteWind
Licence: Freeware


Shows multimedia files information in customized columns (coder, bitrate, channels, etc.).

Author: Sergey Chernih
Licence: Freeware


Content plugin for checksums (hashes) calculation for any file. It can display checksums using CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 algorithms.

Author: SeLarin
Licence: Freeware
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