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I love this great program. You collect all programs, what I using, (I think best programs), except image viewer. I prefer Irfanview as against xnview. Pls change it, or integrate Irfanview too.

Thx & best regards:

I think that XnView is better viewer and gives more features than IrfanView - that is why I've added this application to project. If you want to include IrfanView with TC UP please read thread about Firefox integration.
I agree with ULTIMA, XnView is better and also looks far better than IrfanView.
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In this case... I admit, I recommend IrfanView also...

it's probably because of the many years long I worked with IrfanView and I did not give xnView a proper chance... but on most computers I work is already IrfanView installed... and even if not, I have it on my USB Stick... I do not ever had thought of using xnView... I looked a couple of times into it... but I distaste its look and feel...

I do not know if it lacks functions of IrfanView... but its... huh? probably like... if you are working for a long time with Nero Burning ROM and now you have to work with WinOnCD Smile

I'd prefer IrfanView, also Smile
Hi, I'm dalton3 and new to the forum.

I agree Irfanview is a great program. I've used it at work for many years. I didn't know about XNView. When I discovered TCUP, and discovered such a good work, I give XN a try. The worst was to learn the shortcuts, that are different to Irfan's, but once learnt, I work now smoothly with XNView and I recognize that is better in all cases :-)

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