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How is the colorazation of files done?
Hey all,

i don't need a big package for TC but i saw that TCUP has a colorazation for files and folders. Can you tell me how this is done? I'd like to have that too Smile)

Go to the Options. At "Configuration" dialog you've got "Color" item on the left. Select check-box close to "Define colors by filetype" button. Click on that button too.

Now you can define your colours sets:
1. Click "Add".

2. Choose "Define" and use "Find" dialog for setting up your definition.
For folders it will be:
General -> Search for: *.*
Advanced -> check Attributes -> check Directory only

3. Click on "Save" button.

4. Specify the name for your sets (eg. folders)

5. OK -> OK

6. choose the colour you like

7. OK -> OK -> end

PS. You can always download this:
ot this:
[Image: dc85x15_philkc_fade22lr.png]
I would recommend IMPOMEZIA TC Color Presets over the Aezay's one. It's just a better tool.
[Image: pcbsdec7.jpg]

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