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go to next file after pressing "space"
hi, I'd like to change this little thing, normally if I press the space button, file (or folder) is marked, but cursor is still on this file. It would be better (for me), if the cursor jumped to the next file (same like in for example TC Power Pack).

zdravim, nevite nekdo jak zajistit, aby pri stisku mezerniku, se krom oznacceni souboru/slozky taky kurzor posunul na dalsi soubor/slozku (jako v TC Power Pack)? docela mi soucasny nastaveni nevyhovuje...

thx for any help, diky za jakoukoliv radu :-)
In wincmd.ini, section [Configuration] add:


path to wincmd.ini file:

C:\Program Files\TC UP\wincmd.ini
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thanks a lot, somehow i over-looked that option...
Although I really think pressing the Insert key is a better solution, that way you can keep Space's current functionality as well.Wink
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Space is bigger.
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...and calculates space occuppied (for catalogues)..Smile

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