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footer information
Hello. There is no footer information on UP like normal TC. I looked but coulndt find eny setting about it? is it possible to enable it?


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Left is regular TC, right is TC UP. Look at marked area.
[Image: vwvbti.jpg]
Press Space key on directory / file


mark directory or file by right mouse button.
Foto Video -

Foto Video -
I know how to mark files or directory. Yes, it show information if you mark some file/directory. But I want to see that information without choosing any file/directory. Regular TC does it. Look at left picture. No any file marked but it show numbers of file/directories and total size of those files.
Open this file:

(c:\Program Files)\TC UP\wincmd.ini

1. F4 Key (open in Notepad++)
2. Change LongInStatus=1 to LongInStatus=0
3. Restart TC
Foto Video -

Foto Video -
Yes. Thanks for your help Smile

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