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Floating point error with TCUP 6.1
I downloaded version 6.1. After installation, it loaded but was accompanied by an endless error message saying "invalid floating point operation". This message was displayed repeatedly in successive windows with a loud sound.

I am installing under Windows 8.1. What is the cause of this message and how can it be corrected?

(04-05-2015, 08:28 PM)Pawel Wrote: Hi,
Thanks for report.
Yes, I know the problem. However, I can not reproduce it (I saw it once on my old PC). It is because of some empty value. Could you provide some scrrenshots?

As far as I remember, you need to disable displaying info on TC titlebar. To do it, please do the following:
1. Close TC UP (terminate all processes)
2. Go to TC UP installation directory and find TC UP.ini file. Open it in notepad.
3. You will have to change one value.
ShowInfo=1 -> ShowInfo=0

4. Save and exit.
5. Run TC UP. Tell me if problem still exists

I will try to fix the issue for 6.2, but need to know what causes the problem... It will be difficult as I can't reproduce it. I hope you will help.

PS: Please, test this build. Tell me what message do you see before application close.
Unpack, copy to TC UP directory and run. If you changed tc up.ini, change it back:


Thanks for the solution. The new build solved the problem. I have experimented with ShowInfo=1 and ShowInfo=0 and I have not received any messages. But I shall continue experimwntation and shall indicate any problems to you.


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