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How can I change Light Alloy into (other video player)
Hello guys,

first some words of commendation. I really love the TCUP project. It's the first thing I install on a fresh system. I use it for years. I actually used Norton and Volkov Commander once if you remember Smile

But I am having a really annoying issue with the new version. Light Alloy seems not to work on my system. I really would like to support new software but I can't use it in 98% of the time. It opens on the second screen showing no video, just audio. When I move it, it sometimes shows video. I can't use it.

So how can I change the standard video player Light Alloy to something else?

Thanks in advance,
yes, include VLC please (
I don't want this thread to be a wishlist, or discussion about what player to use (I was actually fine with KMP).

I just want to know how to change the default.

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