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Again Virus / Trojan warnings
(02-20-2010, 12:52 AM)crowley Wrote: hi there,
since a couple of days, norman antivirus recognizes two files of tcup as malware:

DarkCryptTC\xdc.exe (Infected with W32/Banload.AOHW)
WBX.exe (Infected with W32/Suspicious_Gen2.IKST)

I sent both files to Norman to check, whether it is a false positive... but they did not respond (for three days now)

I can tell you that it's not unusual that AV companies don't respond.
Once I tried to remove 2 dozens of false positives from one of my tools.
Managed to remove a few with a lot of effort. Since then I don't care about positives reported by users - if you use an AV that gives a false positive - it's your problem. If you can't deal with it - don't use the AV.
I just wrote it for other users, which could have probably the same "problem"...
For me, it does not matter either, because I know, that they are not harmful.
W świetle wcześniejszej dyskusji trudno mi ocenić szkodliwość, jednak dla porządku informuję, że w trakcie instalacji tcup w wersji 5.1 pobranej z Norton wykrył i zaklasyfikował jako trojana plik xdc.exe w ścieżce tc up\plugins\wcx\darkcrypttc\xdc.exe


After downloading version 5.2 on 1-9-2010 I got a virus warning like:

When accessing data from the URL, ""
a virus or unwanted program 'TR/Meredrop.FV' [trojan] was found.
Action taken: Blocked file

The virus was found by avira antivir professional updated on 1-9-2010. I still use windows xp with sp3.

So for the time being I stay on version 5.1 Sad
Change your antivirus program. TC UP is safe.
New threat detechted.

AVG reports TCMatch.exe contains trojan psw.onlineganes3.bbjb

Happy christmas
Nowa wersja 5.4 też zgłasza trojana:

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Jeśli uważasz że w TC UP jest wirus to go nie używaj.
W całym temacie jest napisane JAK BYK że w TC UP nie ma wirusa, a fałszywe alarmy dotyczą programu który "wyciąga" hasła, ale Ty ufający w swój "jedynie słuszny" program antywirusowy musisz siać po sieci kłamstwa.

Solucja na PSEUDO wirusa dla Ciebie jest prosta - nie używaj TC UP...
Big Grin 
You should really provide a new copy of 5.4 with the reported exe's removed/cleaned up.
I have ESET installed and, even if I disable the entire protection, it won't let me download tcup54.exe at all.
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Antivir found a virus in the new installation file: tcup56.exe
After unpacking it was the following dll: $PLUGINSDIR\Files\$PLUGINSDIR\lockedlist.dll
Result of
AntiVir - - 2011.12.01 - TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen3

All other antivirus programs didn't find a virus.

Thank you


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