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quickview panel and pdf
When i select a pdf file and click on the quickview panel button i don't see the pdf there. The acrobat reader will automatically open the pdf. How can i show the pdf on the quickview panel?
Can you instal Adobe Reader? This is needed
More info about this plugin you find on and

If you mark pdf file and click F3 key, you open this file in Sumatra PDF
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Foto Video -
The acrobat reader is installed. So then the pdf should be shown.
xavier73 Wrote:The acrobat reader is installed. So then the pdf should be shown.

The Adobe company has changed the name: Acrobat Reader is no more, it's called Adobe Reader now, from the 7.0 version exactly. (The original Acrobat project is still Acrobat, it's the pdf CREATOR program)

You can download Adobe Reader from for free.Wink
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Adobe reader 8 is running on my computer, but still i don't see the pdf in my quickview panel. Sad
Then the problem can be:
a) configuration of Adobe Reader is bad
b) you have a restricted account (maybe)
c) you have a security system on your computer that does not allow Adobe Reader to be loaded (maybe)

a) try to open a pdf file with firefox (i'm sure it can do it, other browsers might not, but i'm almost certain Internet Explorer can do it), the pdf must be on the internet, google finds pdf pages sometimes
if firefox can't load pdf files, then you have to uninstall every Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader related software from your pc and reinstall Adobe Reader
b) it may be safer than using an administrator account, but not as comfortable, I suggest you switch to admin
c) for example: I use ZoneAlarm Pro, and when a program tries to write in the memory (use process) of another running program, it alerts me and wants me to decide wether I allow it to do that or not, you should find the answer in SmartAdviser's config in this case
[Image: selifest_admin.png]
[Image: selifest_wiki_auth.png]
This same problem I have.
I had a problem in the quick view panel - image and sound froze TCUP.
I solved it with guidance from the
where X is the number (9 here) and add below:
Let's see what happen next

Now the problem stayed with the pdf.
With F3 opens Sumatra.
When I open the quick view panel opens up Adobe Reader and on quick panel appears - Navigation to the webpage was canceled / Retype the address

Reinstall Adobe Reader
Firefox open pdf doc from internet.
When using an administrator account (login as administrator work fine)
Start program as administrator in normal account not work.

Process when does not work correctly is:
New PID=4636 PPID=952 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" -Embedding Parent Filename="C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe"

I found this at adobe
Acrobat and Adobe Reader continually check the web browser for open PDF documents. In certain circumstances Acrobat and Adobe Reader detect that an open document condition exists in the browser when in fact there are no PDF files open. The browser plug-in stores files in the browser cache, which may cause the browser to report an incorrect condition until the browser is closed. In addition, applications with hooks into Internet Explorer may cause Acrobat and Adobe Reader to detect an open browser even when the browser appears to be closed.

Try ZoneAlarmPro - am not asked anything at start pdf quick view panel.

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