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Status bar?
Hi, I've just started using TC UP and it's a great upgrade over TC 7.01, except for one thing - I just can't figure out the settings of the status bar.

In normal TC, I see details on a file, directory or the overall partition in the status bar. In TC UP, it doesn't show partition details unless I select all files by ctrl+a (you know, the number of files and their overall size) and it gives less info about dirs and files.

How do I set the status bar to behave like it does in TC?
In wincmd.ini file, section [Configuration] change entry LongInStatus=1 to LongInStatus=0

Example patch to wincmd.ini file:

C:\Program Files\TC UP\wincmd.ini
Foto Video -

Foto Video -
It's a good thing that you can see long filenames in TC UP.
If you hit Space you will see the details you want to see (as far as I know).
[Image: selifest_admin.png]
[Image: selifest_wiki_auth.png]
Right click or shift+down(or up / home / pgdn / ...) is a better option - as it doesn't calculate space occupied by a folder, it works faster.
[Image: pcbsdec7.jpg]
Big Grin 
Just installed this wonderful program and this particular view was causing me a headache. Editing the ini file did the trick for me. Thanks so much Cool

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