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Ctrl+PgUp for Up (parent) directory?

I am new to this forum and with the Total Commander Ultima Prime. I have been using the original Total Commander for many years and it is very convenient that when I want to go the parent (one level up) directory, I just press Ctrl + PgUp. That is not happening with the TC Ultima Prime, because when I press the same keys combination (Ctrl + PgUp) then another tab is opening with the same directory. Is there a way to change that? If not, then is there another shortcut (key combination) to quickly go to one level up (parent) directory?

Hope my question is clear. I will be looking forward to your answer.

Thank you & regards.
Anyone??? Isn't anyone else annoyed by the lack of the quick shortcut (Ctrl + PgUp) for going to the upper (one level up) directory???
1. Go to:

(c:\Program Files\)TC UP\wincmd.ini

2. Press F4 key (start Notepad++)

3. Find:


in [Shortcuts] section

4. Remove this entry

5. Save (ctrl+s key)

6. Ready

Foto Video -

Foto Video -
Thank you! Solution worked fine! Smile
Maybe 2 versions (32x for full compatibility and 64x with compatible plugins) ?

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