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wfx mail
If I remember correctly, I've been a user of TC UP since 2.0 and I started working for the project a few weeks before 2.6.

I thought I should try all features of TC UP, I began with the MAIL wfx plugin.
Nice but I don't like a few things in it:
1. addition dialog, why is there an Ok button if you have to click Apply before???
2. I can only see my InBox, what with sent e-mails?
3. I have UTF-8 encoded mails (I didn't know it until nowSmile), and this can't really display them, Central-European characters like áéíüűöő look strange, you know what I mean if you know UTF-8. Can I do anything to resolve this problem?
4. I have a mail with a JPG picture attached, this plugin can't display that mail, not even the text part, why?

I think this is enough for now... Can anybody help me out?
[Image: selifest_admin.png]
[Image: selifest_wiki_auth.png]
I solved the 3rd, I've set it to open eml files in external associated program, which is Outlook Express... though I don't like this Microsoft product it's better than the internal viewer I think.
If I remember correctly it is a part of Windows XP by default so you don't have to install anything...
[Image: selifest_admin.png]
[Image: selifest_wiki_auth.png]

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