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TC UP 5.7 language problem
Greetings to all. i have a problem with language for some apps and programs.
Today i downloaded and install TC UP 5.7 on english language and i started it and all good..then i run a " system info for windows" app and all went fine but this little app started in some other language" i noticed that instead of Help tab it says "pomoc"
Anyway i thought ok.. one app mistranslated buth then i execute a notepad++ and its on other language as well... for example AIMP is all good english, and GIMP as well..

so any suggestions?? should i reinstall?? is there anything that can be done?

For SIW you have two choices:
1. delete siw.lng in SIW directory tcup/plugins/media/siw
then SIW will run ONLY in english
2. run SIW it seems that it runs in slovak language and choose
Nástroje/Možnosti in next window Jazyk change EXTERNAL to English

You don't have to reinstall just change default language of all programs manually. that's all

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