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installer revolution
I wasn't talking about Windows Intaller but Windows itself.
The evolution of Windows' GUI is followed by the evolution of indpendent programs' GUI. You can see this if you compare Windows Commander 3.0 and Total Commander 7.0.
I didn't say Vista is good, though I like Aero.
It's very hard to bypass Vista's activation system, Xp was better in this aspect.Wink
And Vista is incompatible with many of current programs, this really has nothing to do with its look.
I just wanted to tell you that graphic is an important part of every software product, including TC UP (although efficiency is much more important).
And this is why I think TC UP logo would look better with a more recent design. The current looks like an ~8 years old design, or not?

PS: Although this is not a real problem, the project works with the current logo, I'd just like a better look.
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