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is TCUP dead?
i'm on a 64bits system and i was wondering, as TC 8 beta with 64 bits support was released, when we could be waiting for a port in TCUP as i love and can't live with it, but 64bits support would be a real improvement...
is TCUP still developped ? i'm asking this as theres not been any new release for more than 6 months..

Its good question. Project of Ultima prime is really awesome, but what is a shame is not often program updates. I think this project needs a lot of work, many time spent for tuning and improvement the features.

I dont know if developers of this suite feels the support from users. I think, anyhow forum or facebook is not so popular for users, much more are using this amazing suite.

I trust that any update will be great and detailed tuned up to perfect Smile

Cheers to developers.
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TC UP is alive and in active development. Things indeed slowed down significantly and the reason is that sometimes life gets complicated.
I can't give you any progress report or timeline because I'm not involved in release management, but there are test versions coming to my machine from time to time, so I can assure you that there is no worry about the future.
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Hope we will have an update version soon ... we all waiting for it Smile
I was asking myself exactly the same question, and am very glad to see new version today.
Thanks a lot to developer teams, I (and surely a lot of others) really appreciate it!
yup... Smile
thanks for all those involved in this project and putting a considerable and hard work. love tcup
6 months from last updated.

so sad Sad

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