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Can't install TCUP 5.5
I downloaded TC-UP 5.5, and tried to install it (upgrade from 5.4)
It is installing fine (anyway I miss the config file upgrading option), but at WinMerge it indicates an error message:
"WinMergeU.exe" can't be written. (my OS is Hungarian)

Then, if I try to install it again, and uncheck WinMerge at the setup panel, KMPlayer has an error.

It has never happened to me (I use TCUP since 5.0), and I can't install TC-UP 5.5 just because of the error messages. It interrupts the whole setup.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I have WinXP SP3 Pro.
I downloaded TCUP 5.5 again (now from the filesonic link - yesterday iy downoaded it from fileserve), and it installed without any problems. anyways, the size of the two installers were different. the working filesonic one was smaller of the yesterday one with 1 MB.
Of course, possible...

Open TCUP adjust to your correct size, what you want and go to up panel "Configuration" > "save position and size of window" and "save settings"

reopen TCUP, done !

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