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Miranda IM

since Miranda IM v0.7.0 Build #27 two plugins are obsolete and can be removed from the install package:

%Miranda Dir%\plugins\png2dib.dll
%Miranda Dir%\plugins\loadavatars.dll

Source of Information:

THANKS crowley for reminder!

Yes, You right - i know about this bug

This is my oversight...

I fix this in TC UP 2.8

To all users use Miranda IM in TC UP:

Please download new version of Miranda IM and copy 2 dll (avs.dll and advaimg.dll) from Plugins directory in Miranda IM to this directory in TC UP:

..And delete loadavatars.dll amd png2dib.dll
UP's post looks like it's important to do this's not. You don't have to hurry, unless you know you need the new plugins, you can wait for TC UP 2.8.
[Image: pcbsdec7.jpg]

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