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Please remove applications from TCUP

It seems to me that it is getting a generation philosopic divide under this horrible topic subject.
I love TCUP since the beggining. But I can understand the other side too.
I have several problems with it and I use it becouse it is still a most powerful one.
Anyhow - I get a bit annoyed, I just pulled the latest release a few days, and here is another one. Yes - It is 10 times bigger than the base and yes, it contains the best apps around.

But I think that it is getting bigger and bigger. And for a new app, or a little change - It must be to get almost the same whole bunch data again and again.

I think that it is a time to think seriously about modularize TCUP.
I think instead the (full\light) versions a base and modules plus all modules would be a nice choice. You all giving a great job with the installer time by time. I think something like this can't be problem for you.

With the modularization p.e. that also could be solved to put the portable apps part away to a real different location. Or even to make a portable TCUP.. B-)
Anyhow this way updating just a few apps, or parts of the base would be much flexible and more easy to do task. It probably could reduce download traffic.

Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work.

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