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TC UP crashes on context menu
TC version: 8.50 32 bit (2014-02-19)
TC UP: 6.0
OS: win XP SP3

I am using TC UP for a few weeks.

This problem started recently.

On my PC, PDF files are associated with Sumatra PDF (installed along with TC UP).
I double click a PDF file, it opens in Sumatra PDF.
I right click on a PDF file, I see the context menu. But if I just press escape key, without selecting any command, TC UP just silently crashes; no message, nothing. It does not happen with other file types (like doc and txt).

I tried the same thing with TC PowerPack 2.0 beta. It does not have the problem.

Is this problem known? Any patches are available?



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TC UP crashes on context menu - by srikk - 01-16-2015, 01:48 PM

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