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Upgrading from [5.5] to [5.6]
Hi, I just want to report that I lost all the ftp data in wcx_ftp.ini when I upgraded from 5.5 to 5.6.
It requested removing the old version, I chose to backup, after restart, 5.6 was working fine, but all my personal data (like 100 customers logins being there for the last 3 years) were gone.
I put back a backup 1 year old, but it's still a non-desirable bug...
Please look into it for the next releases.

PS: just to avoid my mistake... make a manual backup of that file before upgrading.
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(12-12-2011, 05:07 PM)Pawel Wrote: Hi,
Could you write how did you update your TC UP?
1. You can not install TC UP 5.6 if you have already installed any older version. Before you can install it, you have to uninstall older version.
2. wcx_ftp.ini file is a special file that is protected in TC UP. It means, this file is not installed (so, existing file can not be overwritten) and if you uninstalll TC UP you can choose to not remove it.

Ps: Sorry for your data lost... but I wonder how could this happen.
Please, provide more informations. There is a possibility there is some bug we missed.


Hi Pawel.
That's why I posted, to report that something went wrong. The installer told me that 5.5 will be uninstalled, I chose to backup my files (which wcx_ftp.ini is) I chose Yes, it asked for a restart and, after restart, it wasn't there anymore. I might have mistaken somewhere, not sure, just wanted to make sure it's not a bug.
Thanks anyway.
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