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TC UP New 3.1(build 850) size problem
Hi Pawel,

that's it!
A loooong time ago I changed the DPI-settings and forgot about it. ;-)
Thank you again for your work.
Really love TCUP!

is there a fix for that?
i have TC UP New v 3.1 (build 855) RC 2. is that the latest version.
experiencing this window re-size problem:
[Image: 25rp4zl.png]

I do use larger text 125%

in: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display
it works fine with 100%
and does have a problem with 125% text size

any chance of it being fixed?
Hi! The problem with 125% display is still here, TC UP New
Utility is completely unusable.
[Image: 6c48b54da16c5da555b6f77e4d1e2f2b.jpg]
Can you make its window scalable?
Thanks for report.
I will take a look at this. To be honest TC UP New was designed to work in 100% scale (with hope that it will work in larger dpi... it seems it is not Smile)

Edit: Please test this version:
It should fix your issue.

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