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[bug] Miranda crash - xbrook - 12-28-2008

I would like to inform about crash when i open the "user information" of any icq member. I think that problem is with icq.dll library. I tried to download another version of icq.dll and without problems. Please test it in next version of tcup for fix.

[Image: th_miranda_crash.jpg]

RE: [bug] Miranda crash - John - 12-28-2008

I've had the same problem starting with TCUP 3.9. So I saved "icq.dll" file from the Miranda that was used in TCUP 3.8 and I substitute with it the one in newer versions of Miranda. The problem is gone Smile
Also the same thing happens with Jabber and same solution works.
So I think this must be Miranda's problem and not TCUP's.

RE: [bug] Miranda crash - xbrook - 12-28-2008

ehm, if problem persist, is there necessary to repair it in next version. In tcup is special version of miranda, and there is necessary take a look to the problem from person who develop it, solution is no replacement of .dll library but repair it from miranda development team.

RE: [bug] Miranda crash - ULTIMA PRIME - 02-09-2009

Does this error still exist in the newest version (4.6)?