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new idea & hint - iCQ - 06-28-2008

Hi guys,

What u think should the next version tcup contain some of these freeware (and excelent codes):
  • tinytalk (free p2p voice chat, or ts server/client?)
  • dupfilefinder (excelent and fast dup finder)
  • MJPEG Surveillance (rare to find, another excelent tool from this cool guy Brooks Younce!)

I'd like u guys to review these and help confince the tcup team to add them!


Cheers alll and have fun being leet with tcup!

RE: new idea & hint - ULTIMA PRIME - 07-23-2008

I'll consider this.

RE: new idea & hint - martonx - 10-06-2008

I suggest an SMTP server. For example Free SMTP Server. This is great for laptop users like me.
I am using my TC UP like a portable apps.

Another idea is a password storing program, i haven't found a real good one yet...

TC UP integrated HASLA already, but this program seems a password generator instead of password storing.