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Customazing Title Bar - data.enterprise - 01-01-2021

Hi all

There is an error since some versions. Tried with the actual V8 it's also present.
If the display is changed this will not be applied.

I can't change this behavior. Only by changing the ini-File itself.


RE: Customazing Title Bar - ULTIMA PRIME - 01-01-2021

Martin, could You write exactly what's going on?
Not everyone reads Your mind and knows what You mean.

It's best if You can attach a picture of the problem and describe the problem EXACTLY

RE: Customazing Title Bar - Chodec - 01-04-2021

He probably thinks TC Title Bar in TC UP Turbo (InfoText in TCUP.ini).
The changes will not take effect.

RE: Customazing Title Bar - Pawel - 01-04-2021

You need to restart TC UP

RE: Customazing Title Bar - Chodec - 01-05-2021

Nothing will happen.
After restarting, the setting is the original again.
Each time TC UP Turbo is opened, there is a default value in the form.
It's not the one I saved before.

RE: Customazing Title Bar - Pawel - 01-05-2021

Thank you for info. However, I can not replicate the issue.
Could you please make a short video that describe the problem.
Or could you describe the problem with all details - what is not working. Step by step.

I can not fix this as I have no idea what are you talking about!
I really want to help, but I need more data...

RE: Customazing Title Bar - ULTIMA PRIME - 01-05-2021

You can use Captura to record the movie.

TC UP > Menu > Programs > Captura

RE: Customazing Title Bar - Pawel - 01-10-2021

Fixed an issue with TC UP Turbo application.
Each time application was opened it set incorrect (default) TC TitleBar Text.
Now it loads it from TC UP.ini configuration file.
@Chodec Thank you for your report!
@data.enterprise I hope it was the issue you were tring to report.

This version should work (use proper file for TC UP version you use - 32 or 64 bit).


RE: Customazing Title Bar - data.enterprise - 04-07-2021

Hi all

Sorry for the latancy.

I've tested to customize the "TC Title Bar". After a restart of TC the new information will be shown as expected.

best regards