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Program icons - Abyss - 07-06-2016

Hi and thank you for doing a great job with TCUP.

Would it be possible to make the buttonbar with programicons (paths contained in the file sensitive to which programs that you choose to install ?

In the new 7.1 the icon for utorrent still exists and i have not installed Miranda/Opera and other applications but the icons for the programs are still shown in the buttonbar.

Please see the attached picture.

This could be really nice.


RE: Program icons - TCUP - 07-10-2016

Thanks for pointing that out.
It is now done for internal 7.2 build.

RE: Program icons - GustavoWaltmann - 09-08-2016

Привет ребята,

У меня также есть та же самая проблема. Я хочу использовать программу. Может кто-нибудь помочь нам пожалуйста. Я так счастлив, присоединился здесь.

Заранее спасибо